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We've answered the most common questions below

Why am I getting the message "Account unhackable" or "Hack request denied"?

While our approach uses socket connections through the graph API, it still has its limitation.

Below, we have described the most common scenarios where an account will not be hacked:

Are you hiring people?

Even though we've been running InstaGate since 2015 we still haven't hired anymore full time personnel. We outsource most of our support work and Trevor handles most of the system updates. However, if you are a talented programmer then you're welcome to send us your resume and we'll keep it in mind for the future.

How can I support your project?

We're grateful for all the positive community support we've received lately. For obvious reasons our source code is not open source (since Instagram could easily patch it then). Right now we're keeping our operation tight so the best thing you can do is to use our hacker (since we get paid for the unlocking codes you purchase) and spread the word.

Accounts which we don't hack:

Accounts created before 2012

As Instagram have publicly announced, they've been using sequence databases for quite a while now. The first sequence was applied in January 2012, so before that they were merely applying row migrations through raw database queries.

Therefore, we need to use a different approach with these accounts. The issue is the fact that Instagram accounts created before 2012 are pretty rare.

If you have one and would like to help us out, then please contact us - we'll certainly appreciate it!

Popular accounts

It is not that hacking a popular account is more difficult than hacking a vanilla one. The reason why we don't hack popular Instagram accounts is because it would bring down way more heat on us than we're comfortable with handling.

We use various metrics to quantify how popular an account is (not solely by followers). If our system deems the account you have entered to be popular (thus high risk) then our system actively denies hacking it.

Accounts with an active ad-spending

Like popular accounts, it is not that we can't hack them. We do however refuse to hack them since they generally have credit cards attached and therefore, if someone were to access them they could abuse the attached credit card.

Since we don't fancy being linked to credit card fraud, we actively decline these accounts.