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Why use InstaGate?

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Objectively the highest success rate

We utilize machine learning in order to constantly improve our API requests. Therefore, we've been able to consistently hack 4 out of 5 accounts (Feb 2018).


Easy peasy

Don't know what to do? No problem! Simply watch our short tutorial video or jump straight into using our easy-to-use wizard.


100% automated

We don't rely on manual labor. Our system is 100% automated which is why we can offer the fastest and cheapest service by far.


Only pay after the account is hacked

We cannot be sure in advance if we're able to hack an account. Therefore we only prompt you for a payment after having successfully hacked the account.


Fully anonymous

To keep you anonymous, we never collect any personal details. Furthermore we use a third party anonynmous payment provider to provide the unlocking codes.


Honest and tested

Unlike a lot of fishy services, we've been online since 2015 and have kept our success rate high since then.